Essential Insights | February 15, 2022

On-Demand Briefing #2: Vehicle Electrification & the Essential Role of Batteries

On-Demand Briefing on EVs and the Role of Lead Batteries

Industry Experts Share Timely Insights on U.S. Energy Storage Related to EV Platforms

To help policy makers stay current, Battery Council International has released the second in its multi-part, on-demand briefing series on how to meet U.S. energy storage needs with domestic resources. Each briefing is a free, 20-minute, pre-recorded session listeners can access when convenient.

The series shares front-line insights from top battery industry and supply chain experts who discuss current issues and opportunities facing energy storage and manufacturing today: supply chains, infrastructurebattery innovation, electrification and the need for new energy sources.

On-Demand Briefing #2: What You’ll Learn

The electrification of the global car parc is accelerating and so is the demand for batteries. Nearly all existing electric vehicle (EV) platforms depend on an auxiliary 12V low-wattage lead battery to power a growing list of electric features and to back up safety systems. We will discuss what’s driving the U.S. auto industry to make this transition, how onboard battery systems can meet peak power requirements (an increase of 50% in the past decade), and how the U.S. can meet its energy storage needs domestically.

View this on-demand Q&A on the essential role of lead batteries to:

  • Advance EV technology and support decarbonization
  • Bridge the gap between EVs and internal combustion engines (ICE)
  • Provide a sustainable, domestic battery solution with a nearly 100% recycling rate



Jennifer Slater from Clarios
Jennifer Slater

Vice President, & General Manager, Global Original Equipment and Products

Clarios, a global energy storage solutions company, U.S. headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Pete Stanislawczyk from East Penn Manufacturing
Pete Stanislawczyk

Senior Vice President, Transportation Division

East Penn Manufacturing Co., the world’s largest single-site lead battery manufacturing facility, headquarters in Berks County, Penn.

Roger Miksad, BCI
Roger Miksad

Executive Vice President

Battery Council International, Washington, D.C., the North American trade association representing battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies.

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Dr. John Uhrie, Doe Run

With improved cooperation among stakeholders, increased research funding, and by following the circular economy example of lead batteries, the U.S. can regain domestic supply chain security and advance a low-carbon and renewable energy future.

Dr. John Uhrie, Vice President of Exploration, Research and Technical Development, The Doe Run Company