Research & Partnerships

The lead battery industry recognizes the value of federally funded research and development, and partnerships with research institutions, such as the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories. Ongoing research is critical to scientifically advance any industry, including the lead battery industry. The federal government serves as a key facilitator of such research.

Advocating for Increased, Equitable Funding

BCI supports robust funding that enables research and development that will help the lead battery industry grow, innovate and expand its domestic manufacturing footprint:

  • Increase Funding for Battery R&D: BCI supports increased funding for research and development through the DOE related to energy storage and battery technology. These initiatives will catalyze breakthroughs in these domains that will translate into innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the industry.
  • Ensure Access for Lead Batteries R&D: BCI advocates for a diversified approach to R&D funding that encompasses multiple battery technologies. It is imperative that lead batteries are included in these opportunities, on par with other battery chemistries. This ensures a level playing field for the lead battery industry to compete effectively.
Argonne National Laboratory Synchrotron
Argonne National Laboratory Synchrotron

Exciting Research Yielding Results

Research is already underway into harnessing the full potential of lead battery technology in the U.S.

Learn more about projects in progress and lead battery innovation.

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Roger Miksad

Lead batteries have a bright future, and some incredible innovations are on the horizon.

Roger Miksad, President, Battery Council International