Economic Contribution of the Lead Battery Industry

The United States has an economically thriving lead battery industry. The industry annually contributes nearly $33 billion to the national economy and supports 121,000 American jobs.

Study Shows Significant Domestic Benefits

The latest economic impact study by EBP US found that U.S. lead battery manufacturers and recyclers provided more than $8.5 billion in total labor income and more than $32.9 billion in economic output in 2021.

Titled, Economic Contribution of the U.S. Lead Battery Industry, the study shows how battery manufacturers and recyclers directly support their local economies with employee revenue, as well as multiplier effects.

U.S. lead battery industry economic contribution of jobs in 38 states
The lead battery industry creates a diverse mix of well-paying manufacturing and recycling jobs in 38 states.
Economic contribution of the U.S. lead battery industry fact sheet

Powering Our Economy

The U.S. lead battery manufacturing and recycling industry generates $13.7 billion in gross domestic product (GDP). It directly employs 38,230 workers and spends $3 billion annually on payroll, The average, per-worker salary among lead mining and recycling companies is $82,600; the average, per-worker salary among lead battery manufacturers is $75,700.

Compared to many other private industry sectors, salaries in the lead battery industry are 36% higher for mining and recycling workers and 25% higher for manufacturing workers.

In addition to direct employees, the industry supports 37,400 supplier jobs in a variety of industries and an additional 45,720 jobs from worker spending in different sectors.

Collectively, the industry supports 121,000 jobs.

Beyond job impact, 2021 data shows the lead battery industry annually contributes nearly:

  •  $8.5 billion in labor income,
  • $13.7 billion in gross domestic product (GDP),
  • $32.9 billion in output or overall economic output,
  • $2.97 billion in government revenue, and
  • $113 million in research and development.

These impacts underscore the lead battery industry’s substantial contribution to the U.S. economy.

economic impact of the lead battery industry
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