BCI Statistics Program

Stay ahead of the curve with data that informs your business. The BCI Statistics Program is your go-to source for automotive and industrial battery shipment volumes, and is the only North American source of battery shipment volumes based on data provided by battery manufacturers.

North American Battery Shipment Data

This exclusive set of data is updated monthly and allows BCI members to benchmark their performance to make informed decisions on the market.

Each month, BCI issues the BCI Statistics Report providing insights into the battery shipment volumes for 10 application categories of automotive batteries, and 10 application categories of industrial batteries. The categories featured in each set of reports include:


  • Passenger Car and Light Commercial (12V, 6V, AGM)
  • Heavy Duty Commercial (12V, 6V, AGM)
  • Marine/RV (12V, AGM)
  • General Utility
  • Deep Cycle 6V/12V Golf Car
  • Deep Cycle 6V/12V Floor Scrubber
  • 6V/12V Special Tractor
  • Conventional Motorcycle/PowerSport
  • AGM Motorcycle/PowerSport
  • Factory Activated Motorcycle/PowerSport


  • Industrial Truck, AGV & Airline Ground Equipment
  • Railroad cars and locomotives
  • Mine batteries
  • Starting Diesel Locomotives – four cell units sold (280-284 Ah/420-600 Ah)
  • Industrial truck battery chargers (DC output voltage – 18 or less, 24. 30-36, 40 and more)
  • Standby Power – Communications
  • Standby Power – Control & Switchgear
  • Standby Power – Uninterruptible Power Systems and Inverters
  • Standby Power – Miscellaneous Standby
  • Standby Power – Energy Storage System

Preview the BCI Statistics program by viewing the press reports here.

How to Access the Data

Battery manufacturers and importers: Access to the monthly reports is available through participation in the data-reporting program at no additional cost.

BCI members ineligible to participate in the program: As of July 2021, and starting with the full 2021 data year, access the monthly reports by subscribing to the BCI Statistics Program.

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Pete Stanislawczyk, East Penn

Lead batteries will be the primary stored power source for these systems. Based upon our insights, we believe lead AGM – or absorbed glass mat batteries – will be the battery of choice for the next 20-plus years.

Pete Stanislawczyk, Senior Vice President Transportation Division, East Penn Manufacturing Company