Vehicle Battery Replacement Data


BCI is the definitive source for replacement battery fit and fitment, supplying 85 years of data for more than 160,000 vehicles. For every mass market automobile, it provides a recommended replacement battery BCI Group Size based on the battery that originally shipped with the vehicle.

The Data Book is intended to assist the battery aftermarket to make it quick and easy to determine the recommended replacement for the original vehicle manufacturer battery, regardless of the brand or point of purchase. Batteries are classified into numbered Group Sizes according to their voltage, maximum overall dimensions, terminal arrangement and special features that affect battery fit.

Application Type

The Printed Data Book covers years 2003-2022. Source BCI includes all years.

  • Passenger Cars, Light Trucks, Van and Mini Vans
  • Medium/Heavy Trucks, Buses and coaches
  • Farm Equipment
  • Industrial Off-Road & Miscellaneous Equipment (Source BCI only)
  • Lawn & Garden / Small Engine
  • Powersport Applications
  • Footnotes
  • Catalog Order Form (Source BCI only)

In addition to battery application data, our publication includes:

  • Sketches for each group size including assembly numbers, cell layouts, holddowns, and polarity
  • Dimensional specifications and ratings for BCI Group Numbers
  • Powersport battery type reference chart
  • BCI post/terminal configurations
  • Reference charts to DIN, EN, and JIS battery sizes

How to Access the Data

BCI’s replacement data is available in print, via a searchable online database, or through enterprise license for integration into corporate and retail systems.

The Data Book

The physical Data Book contains battery application data for the past 20 years. Historically the most popular way to access battery replacement data, the Data Book has existed in print form for over 60 years. View a sample here.

The data book is available for purchase via the BCI online store. Pricing is $9 for BCI members and $17 for non-members.

Additionally, those interested in purchasing the data book in bulk quantities (more than 30 books) are asked to email

Source BCI Subscription

Source BCI, the digital version of the Battery Replacement Data Book, is your online solution to finding the battery information you need.

The online database and mobile app contain over 75 years of data for more than 160,000 vehicles. Source BCI is updated quarterly, so you always have the most up-to-date information available at your fingertips. View a sample here.

Subscription codes, which enable a full year of database access, are available for purchase on BCI’s online store. Pricing is $4.99 for BCI members and $14.99 for non-members.

Source BCI Database Download & Licensing

Source BCI Licensing allows you to integrate Source BCI into your proprietary database. With quarterly updates, make sure you have the latest data in the most customizable format. With the licensing program, data is delivered in an excel spreadsheet. The license period runs from March 1 – February 28. Click here for more information and to license the data today.

Unsure which format is best for you? Contact us at and we’d be happy to help.

Carole Mars The Sustainability Consortium Director

The high recycling rate of U.S. lead batteries means a large percent of U.S. lead battery manufacturing supply chain inputs (73% of its lead) are sourced from domestic recyclers.

Dr. Carole Mars, Director of Technical Development and Innovation, The Sustainability Consortium