BCI Staff

Roger Miksad

President & Executive Director
EHS Steering Committee, Energy Storage Systems Initiative

Roger Miksad, BCI

Susan Bernard

Director of Regulatory and Technical Affairs
EHS Steering Committee, Technical Committee, Industrial Battery Charger Committee, Deep Cycle & EV Committee

Lisa Dry

VP of Strategic Communications
Advancing Lead Batteries Communications Initiative (ALBCI)

Meg Czaikoski

Director of Membership and Operations

Andrew Hamill

Associate Director of Operations
Data Book Committee, Product Information Committee, EHS Steering Committee, Energy Storage Systems Initiative

Lauren Miller

Events Manager

Liz Orr

Tradeshow Coordinator

Jessica Delgado

Marketing Manager
Marketing Committee

Sean Dillon

Marketing Senior Coordinator

Amy Bajwa

Marketing Coordinator

Mark Wallace

The pandemic has shown us just how vital the lead battery industry is. Without 12V batteries, first responders can’t function; food and medical supplies can’t reach their destination; essential employees can’t get to their jobs....It’s as simple as that.

Mark Wallace, President and CEO, Clarios