Essential Insights | November 1, 2021

On-Demand Briefing: Critical Minerals & Supply Chains for U.S. Energy Storage

Stay Current on Key Industry Thoughts Related to Congressional Priorities

Battery Council International has released the first in its multi-part, on-demand briefings to help policy makers stay in-the know on key topics regarding how to meet U.S. energy storage needs with domestic resources. Each free, 15­–20 minute, pre-recorded session allows listeners to tune-in when convenient.

The briefings share front-line insights from top battery industry and supply chain experts on the current issues and opportunities facing energy storage and manufacturing today: supply chains, infrastructure, battery innovation, and the need for new energy sources.

On-Demand Briefing #1: What You’ll Learn

Today’s global battery market is about $90 billion in value. By 2030, the battery market will grow to about $150 billion annually, and the energy storage required for a low-carbon future will nearly triple. We will discuss how the U.S. can meet its energy storage needs domestically and examine how the U.S. can reclaim its position as a global leader in mineral extraction and processing.

View this on-demand Q&A on the need to secure domestic access to critical materials to:

  • Ensure a low-carbon future
  • Feed supply chains
  • Reduce foreign supply chain vulnerabilities for minerals, such as lithium



Dr. John Uhrie
Dr. John Uhrie

Vice President, Exploration, Research and Technical Development

The Doe Run Company, St. Louis, MO, a natural resources company

Roger Miksad, BCI
Roger Miksad

Executive Vice President

Battery Council International, Washington, D.C., the North American trade association representing battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies


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