News Release | January 6, 2023

Battery Council International to Host Inaugural Poster Research Showcase

Undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral level researchers and assistants engaged in scientific work related to lead and other battery types have the opportunity to present, network and explore the cutting-edge science of battery technology across this critical industry at this signature event.

CHICAGO – January 6, 2023 – Battery Council International (BCI) is pleased to announce the inaugural Poster Research Showcase, to be held at the 2023 BCI Convention + Power Mart Expo in Louisville, Kentucky from April 23-26, 2023. This experience is open to undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral level researchers and assistants working in university, government, and commercial settings.

The Poster Research Showcase is an opportunity for researchers to share their cutting-edge science and technology with the battery industry and to build awareness about the scientific opportunities, advancements, and career objectives within the field. Topics for consideration include material science, advanced battery design, manufacturing processes, battery architecture, and more, with a focus on lead batteries and related topics.

BCI Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Roger Miksad shares, “I am looking forward to the exciting battery research that will be presented at the Poster Research Showcase and encourage all interested researchers to consider participating in this inaugural event.”

Participants in the Poster Research Showcase will have the chance to gain free registration to the BCI Convention, network with industry experts, be recognized for their research achievements, attract funding for their projects, explore industry innovations, and collaborate with academics.

To participate, researchers must submit a submission form, a project abstract, and prepare a poster for display at the Power Mart Expo. The submission portal is now open, and the deadline for submission is January 16, 2023. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by mid-February.


About Battery Council International

Battery Council International (BCI) will soon be celebrating its 100-year anniversary as the leading trade association of the North American battery industry representing more than 125 members. Formed in 1924, BCI joins together battery manufacturers and recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, and battery distributors from across North America and around the world. BCI members are committed to responsible manufacturing and recycling processes, and serve as a unified voice for environmental, health and safety stewardship. The organization continues to unite members within the lead industry to successfully communicate and protect through education, science, and government efforts the most successful circular economy on the planet. With 99% of used lead batteries collected and recycled in the U.S. and the typical new lead battery containing 80% or more of recycled content, BCI supports the path toward similar sustainability goals for all other battery chemistries.


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