News Release | December 9, 2021

Statement of Support from Battery Council International on USA Batteries Act to Remove Anticompetitive Superfund Tax

WASHINGTON – December 10 – Representatives Daniel Meuser (PA-09), John Moolenaar (MI-04), Billy Long (MO-07) and Vicky Hartzler (MO-04) have introduced HR 6230, the USA Batteries Act, legislation that would amend the recently passed infrastructure law to eliminate the Superfund excise taxes on lead oxide, antimony, and sulfuric acid. The amendment would remove a tax that places an American industry at a disadvantage of paying higher costs for key raw materials used to manufacture lead batteries. The chemical tax is not levied on imported batteries.

The lead battery industry thanks Representatives Meuser, Moolenaar, Long and Hartzler for taking steps to ensure that the essential U.S. battery manufacturing industry can continue to provide lead batteries for many critical business sectors including defense, transportation, logistics, telecommunications and energy generation.

“The USA Batteries Act will eliminate a tax that gives foreign manufacturers an unfair advantage on the cost of raw materials, and undermines the purpose of the infrastructure bill which was created to support domestic manufacturing. If the tax is allowed to stand it will negatively impact the 25,000 American workers who make and recycle lead batteries and take pride in the fact that their product is the most recycled consumer product in the U.S.,” said Roger Miksad, Battery Council International executive vice president and general counsel.

Lead batteries will be the dominant rechargeable battery technology for the foreseeable future, are the most recycled consumer product in the nation, and are the global leader in a variety of green applications from well-known automotive uses supporting clean mobility in low-carbon start-stop and micro-hybrid vehicles, to the growing utility and renewable energy storage markets which are ushering in a global energy transition.

The U.S. lead battery industry invested $100 million in R&D in 2019 and through agreements with the U.S. National Laboratories system is actively pursuing next gen battery technology and energy storage to meet the needs of a market that is expected to grow from 360 GWh in 2020 to 430 GWh in 2030. These battery innovations are being developed by U.S companies and will be built by U.S. workers in communities across the nation.

About Battery Council International
Battery Council International is the North American trade association representing lead battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies.


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