| January 14, 2023


Effective Date: 1/1/91
BCI Model: Yes
Deposita (refundable): Allowed (varies)z
Split of Deposit: N/A
Deposit Refund Period: N/A
Point of Sale Signb: State
Fee (Nonrefundable): $0.50
Definition: A battery designed to contain lead and sulfuric acid with a nominal voltage of at least six volts and of the type intended for use in motor vehicles and watercraft.

Kansas City, MO
Effective Date: 3/14/90
BCI Model: Yes
Deposita (refundable):N/A
Split of Deposit:N/A
Deposit Refund Period:N/A
Point of Sale Signb:Retailer
Fee (Nonrefundable): N/A
Definition:Any battery that consists of lead and sulfuric acid, is used as a power source, and has a capacity of six (6) volts or more.

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Steve Binks of the International Lead Association

...[this] is the start of a journey that will raise global standards and help ensure that lead batteries continue to be a key enabling technology for the transition to a low carbon future.

Dr. Steve Binks, Regulatory Affairs Director, International Lead Association