| January 13, 2023


Effective Date: 7/1/91
BCI Model: Yes
Deposita (refundable):Required($10)
Split of Deposit:100% retailer
Deposit Refund Period:30 days
Point of Sale Signb: Retailer
Fee (Nonrefundable): N/A
Definition:A battery with a core of elemental lead and a capacity of six or more volts which is suitable for use in farm equipment, construction equipment, a motor vehicle or a boat. Batteries only suitable for motor cycles, off-road recreation vehicles or lawn and garden equipment are exempt from the fees in this chapter.

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Pete Stanislawczyk, East Penn

Lead batteries will be the primary stored power source for these systems. Based upon our insights, we believe lead AGM – or absorbed glass mat batteries – will be the battery of choice for the next 20-plus years.

Pete Stanislawczyk, Senior Vice President Transportation Division, East Penn Manufacturing Company