| January 15, 2023


Although Oregon point-of-sale notices do not require specific language, notices must be posted and indicate that 1) lead-acid batteries cannot be disposed of in household solid waste or mixed municipal waste, but must be recycled; and 2) the dealer (retailer) must accept used lead-acid batteries of the same type sold by the dealer.

If battery retailers require a fee or deposit on the returned batteries then a statement advising potential customers that the retailer charges a fee — if the customer does not provide a used lead-acid battery for trade-in — must be on the notice. The Oregon point-of-sale notices must be printed by battery retailers.

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Carole Mars The Sustainability Consortium Director

The high recycling rate of U.S. lead batteries means a large percent of U.S. lead battery manufacturing supply chain inputs (73% of its lead) are sourced from domestic recyclers.

Dr. Carole Mars, Director of Technical Development and Innovation, The Sustainability Consortium