| January 15, 2023

New Jersey

Notice for automotive or marine lead-acid batteries. Notices must be printed by battery retailers and must include the state recycling logo or symbol.

Lead-acid batteries can be recycled here.

It is illegal to discard an automotive or marine lead-acid battery in New Jersey.

State law requires us to accept and recycle any used automotive or marine lead-acid battery returned to us, in exchange for the purchase of a new lead-acid battery.

New Jersey retailers must provide a convenient and conspicuous collection receptacle into which customers may deposit used rechargeable batteries accepted by the retailer.

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Venkat Srinivasan from the Argonne Collaborative Center

The lead acid battery ... is legendary. We can recycle 95+ percent of [these] batteries all across the world. It's a very safe chemistry, ... [and] we understand how to use it very, very well.

Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, Director, Argonne Collaborative Center for Energy Storage Science