News Release | February 1, 2021

Lead Battery Industry Launches New Website With New Features and Content to Boost Battery Knowledge

Policymakers and the Marketplace Are Hungry for Battery and Energy Storage Information

WASHINGTONFebruary 1 – Starting today, policymakers, regulators, government officials and others will have a new tool at their disposal to access the latest information on lead batteries.

Battery Council International (BCI) has unveiled a new Essential Energy Everyday website with expanded content and topics, enhanced user experience, and an improved search engine to allow users to quickly access and download information on a range of topics. The site is also device-friendly for desktop, tablet and mobile viewing.

“Never has the marketplace and government been so primed to support energy storage and green energy,” said BCI Executive Vice President Roger Miksad. “With the Biden administration investing in R&D in battery technology to assert U.S. leadership in this sector, and focused on U.S. based manufacturing to aid in the post-COVID economic recovery, we believe it is important to make our information as accessible as possible.”

The site is launched with new information on the domestic infrastructure of lead batteries and the closed-loop system for manufacturing, recycling, and reusing spent batteries for manufacturing new batteries. An infographic explains that more than 90% of the U.S. lead battery demand is met by batteries manufactured within North America.  Additionally, with their 99% recycling rate, lead batteries are the most recycled consumer product in the U.S. and the greenest battery technology available.

“Our members supply lead batteries for innumerable applications which are critical to the American economy in its transition to a green, decarbonized future. In the U.S., lead batteries are largely independent from imported raw materials, and therefore relatively immune from the supply chain disruptions revealed during the pandemic,” said Miksad. “Our goal is for the new website to provide information policymakers are seeking whenever, wherever and however they need it across multiple digital platforms.”

The new site also serves as a repository of information that academics, researchers and media may as they investigate green energy and energy storage solutions.

The site is content rich with infographics, videos, fact sheets and case studies on a range of topics starting with the societal benefits of lead batteries, to their use in renewable energy storage and transportation and data centers. Industry leaders provide blog posts through the thought leadership series titled “Essential Insights.”

A short video was created to provide website users with a quick introduction to the site’s key features including an opt-in monthly email to keep subscribers informed of the latest industry news. 

Learn More at Essential Energy Everyday

Essential Energy Everyday exists to increase awareness of the critical importance of lead batteries in powering our daily lives. It encourages continued investment in sustainable lead battery technology to store and provide energy on demand. The initiative is supported by the global trade association that represents the lead battery and recycling industries, Battery Council International.

About Battery Council International 

Battery Council International is the North American trade association representing the lead-based battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies. For more information on the association, visit


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