Net Sales Certification Form

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Manufacturer - Any entity that assembles, produces and sells its own completed batteries
Supplier - Any entity that supplies a product or service to a Battery Manufacturer, including entities that manufacture and/or sell battery components
Associate - Any entity that distributes batteries, but is not involved in the manufacturing process
Please indicate if you are an International member
An International member is any entity that meets the substantive criteria for BCI Membership as a Battery Manufacturer or Supplier, but with respect to a Battery Manufacturer neither does not produces nor sells batteries in the United States, and with respect to a Supplier does not supply, products, or services to entities in the United States

Please Indicate Your 2022 Fiscal Year Net Sales

For Battery Manufacturer Members this refers to your firm's sales for starter, motive power and standby batteries for all battery chemistries. For Supplier and Associate Members, annual net sales refers to sales relevant to the battery industry only. Net sales refers to the combination of batteries and/or battery related products or components.
Including U.S. sales
All batteries manufactured in the U.S. and sold anywhere, plus batteries manufactured outside the U.S., but sold in the U.S. Please be assured that your signed copy of this form, and the information it contains, will be handled in a strictly confidential manner and will not be shared with anyone outside of BCI staff or used for any other purpose.
Alan French from QTS Data Centers

Data is critical. Data is growing at a rapid rate, and energy storage [and] battery backup systems are key in keeping our data centers available.

Alan French, Vice President of Engineering, QTS Data Centers