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 Speaker Resources

Please use the 127th Convention + Power Mart Expo PowerPoint template for your presentation.

The template can be found here

In preparing your presentation for the 127th Convention + Power Mart Expo, remember the following:

  • On the title slide, include your presentation title, name, professional title and organization
  • All presentations are to be of an educational nature and should not be used to promote products or services.
  • All presentations must be prepared in PowerPoint using the official 127th Convention + Power Mart Expo PowerPoint template.
  • The number of presentation slides is not limited, but any graphics included in the presentation (i.e. charts, graphs, etc.) must be embedded in the PowerPoint file.

Tips for Presentation Graphics:

  • Limit the information on a single slide.
  • Create the slides to highlight your presentation, not to duplicate exactly what you will say.
  • Images included in the presentation should be no smaller that 250 x 250 pixels.
  • Use a large font size, at least 32 for the header and 28 for the body. Black font is recommended. Remember that those sitting in the back of the room should be still be able to read your slides.

Please submit your presentation by Friday April, 10 so that our team has a chance to review it before the convention. We will not change any content in the presentation, we will only review the formatting.

If you have any questions, please contact Gena Parsons at

Please fill out to form below, so BCI can properly prepare for your presentation.