Events | April 5, 2023

Member Meeting, Reception/Dinner and Keynote Presentation

During BCI’s Committee Week, nearly 50 WGBI members celebrated the first year anniversary of the women’s affinity group. The Steering Committee convened a business meeting prior to a networking reception and dinner with keynote speaker, Maggie Teliska of Enel Green Power.

During the business meeting we heard about some of WGBI’s first-year initiatives on programming, branding development, involvement in academia, member recruitment, and the 2022 expenses and 2023 budget. There is no doubt that in its inaugural year, the WGBI accomplished much. The 200+ members are a recognition of that success.

Following the business meeting, members enjoyed a networking reception and then sat down for dinner to hear from Dr. Teliska. Dr. Teliska is the Battery Energy Storage Systems Technical Services Manager at Enel Green Power and shared with us the Role of Batteries in Renewable Power Generation where she discussed her work on the storage and on-demand release of renewable energy stored by batteries.

Pete Stanislawczyk, East Penn

Lead batteries will be the primary stored power source for these systems. Based upon our insights, we believe lead AGM – or absorbed glass mat batteries – will be the battery of choice for the next 20-plus years.

Pete Stanislawczyk, Senior Vice President Transportation Division, East Penn Manufacturing Company