Events | March 23, 2023

BCI Committee Week

BCI Committee members will convene in Chicago, IL from October 11 – 12, 2023.

The full schedule of meetings is available here for BCI members.

The following committees will meet over the two days. If you are interested in joining a BCI committee, reach out to

  • Environmental Health and Safety Committee
  • Flow Battery Industry Group
  • Technical Committee
  • Product Information Committee
  • Deep Cycle and EV Committee
  • Industrial Battery and Charger Committee
  • Advancing Lead Batteries Communication Initiative
  • Marketing Committee
John Howes

The Energy Storage Grand Challenge report….reflects growing recognition from DOE and others that lead batteries are among important energy storage technologies that require investment to secure America’s global leadership on technological innovation and a green economy infrastructure.

John Howes, Principal, Redland Energy Group