News Release | May 4, 2023

Battery Council International Rebrands for Second Century as Unified Voice of Sustainable Energy Storage Industry

BCI rebranding and new website

Strategic Initiative Includes Redesigned “Mega” Website, New Logo, Tagline

WASHINGTON  — May 4, 2023 – Energy storage is critical to an electrified future; “The Golden Age of Batteries” is here and setting the stage for a second century of battery dominance.  Battery Council International (BCI) has announced it is committed to being the definitive authority and resource on sustainable energy storage solutions and the leading advocate for battery manufacturing and recycling companies with a completed rebranding initiative. It includes a redesigned “mega” website (watch highlights video) logo and tagline.

Roger Miksad is president and executive director of BCI, the premier trade association for battery manufacturers and recyclers in North America. He explained how BCI’s rebranding reinforces the organization’s commitment to drive innovation through collaboration and research, promote sustainable practices, inform policymakers, and continued advocacy for BCI members.

“The world is demanding sustainable energy storage solutions. That makes our industry more relevant than ever, and it creates an urgent need for timely, reliable information and data to guide decisions,” Miksad said. “BCI’s rebranding aligns and reinforces our mission to remain the trusted authority on the complex aspects of energy storage.”

Redesigned Website Provides Deep Resources

BCI’s overhauled website consolidates all of the organization’s rich content and resources into one efficient site devoted to sustainable energy storage technologies. The effort merges BCI’s extensive catalog of technical resources and the previously separate Essential Energy Everyday campaign devoted to battery thought leadership and education.

The new BCI website includes more intuitive, visual navigation for:

  • Nearly 100 main content pages on battery benefits, solutions, research and policy
  • Over 475 news posts, events, and downloadable assets
  • A deep, searchable resource library of infographics, reports, videos, fact sheets, publications, case studies and social graphics

“The BCI website will continue to be recognized as the definitive source for trusted information on energy storage, as well as industry thought leadership and advocacy.” Miksad said. “BCI will be continuously expanding our library of resources for all stakeholders.”

New Logo, Tagline Convey Fresh, Visionary Message

BCI’s rebranding campaign includes a new logo that better represents the association and its members. The fresh, modern look of the new brand includes a progressing charge symbol to convey BCI’s confidence and readiness for the future. The logo leverages the brand equity of the Essential Energy Everyday campaign by using the “Essential Energy Everyday” phrase as BCI’s new tagline.

BCI logo and tagline

Rebranding for BCI’s 100th Anniversary in 2024

BCI partnered with Activated Growth, a full-service strategic marketing agency, to develop all elements of the rebranding effort, which coincides with BCI’s 100th anniversary in 2024. Miksad said the initiative better positions the association for a second century of thought leadership and advocacy during the highly electrified future underway, especially in transportation and renewable energy.

“Our membership has a depth of knowledge unparalleled by any other battery industry group. We invite all stakeholders – government, business, media, consumers – to learn how the battery industry is ensuring our country can domestically meet the soaring need for scalable, sustainable energy storage,” Miksad concluded.

NOTE: The BCI website was awarded a 2023 Gold dotCOMM Award in the website redesign category. You can learn more about this award here.

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Battery Council International (BCI) is the leading trade association representing the North American battery industry and the premier authority on energy storage solutions. Formed in 1924, BCI advocates and educates on behalf of battery manufacturers and recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, and battery distributors. With a unified voice, BCI conveys an industry-wide commitment to sustainability, safety and science.


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