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On-Demand: U.S. Battery Briefing on Capitol Hill 2023 Highlights

Battery Briefing on Capitol Hill Highlights feature 2023

Experts from the U.S. Battery Industry Share Insights on the Critical Role of Domestic Manufacturing & Recycling to Meet Growing Energy Storage Demands

The briefing on Capitol Hill assembled leading experts from the battery industry to share key insights with policymakers on how the domestic lead battery manufacturing and recycling industry has the existing infrastructure and technology to meet the coming challenges facing our nation for domestic energy storage demands.

Lead batteries are a proven technology with an available 165 GWh domestic manufacturing capacity and established closed-loop domestic supply chain. As the most sustainable battery technology, with a 99% recycling rate, they are a top choice as the country electrifies.

To realize the full potential of the domestic lead battery industry, supportive government policies and investment will be crucial. This free video captures highlights of the 2023 briefing and addresses the importance of federal policies that promote domestic battery manufacturing and investment in research and development.

Watch the 25-Minute Highlights Video: What You’ll Learn

In this highlights video, experts from the U.S. battery industry share perspectives on the need for a diversified battery industry and insights on the foremost energy topics affecting our nation’s well-being. Key lead battery topics presented include:

  • Grid Stabilization — how effective stationary energy storage can avoid grid destabilization.
  • Climate Change Mitigation — achieving a low-carbon future through innovation, infrastructure development, workforce training and grid resiliency.
  • Sustainable Circular Manufacturing — how decades of lead battery industry innovation has created a closed-loop domestic supply chain.
  • Economic Impact — the battery industry’s significant U.S. economic impact and job growth.
  • Cost Efficiency — what makes lead batteries extremely cost-effective and sustainable.
  • High-Voltage and Telecom Solutions — how lead batteries provide a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
  • Low-Voltage Solution —why AGM lead batteries are the technology of choice for low-voltage needs.
Watch the highlights video of the 2023 U.S. Battery Briefing.

Opening Remarks:

Representative Dan Meuser
Representative Dan Meuser

Representing Pennsylvania’s 9th District 

Representative Dan Meuser recently introduced the USA Batteries Act to support the U.S. battery industry and ensure this U.S. manufacturing sector remains competitive without unfair competition from offshore competitors.


Pete Stanislawczyk East Penn
Pete Stanislawczyk

Domestic Supply Chain, Role of Batteries in Automobiles

Executive Vice President – Chief Commercial Officer 

East Penn Manufacturing Co., headquartered in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, operates the largest single-site lead battery manufacturing facility in the world with additional facilities in Corydon, Iowa.


Kim Medford ENTEK International
Kimberly Medford

Government Support of Domestic Manufacturing; Workforce Development


ENTEK International, headquartered in Lebanon, Oregon, produces battery separators for batteries to support electric, advanced start-stop and standard vehicles as well as industrial batteries for utility scale energy storage.

Mark Matthews

Energy Storage and Battery Diversification

Senior Vice President – Specialty Global 

EnerSys, headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, is the largest industrial battery manufacturer in the world, operating manufacturing and assembly facilities worldwide for customers in over 100 countries.


Terry Murphy
Terry Murphy

Energy Storage and the Grid 

President & CEO 

Hammond Group, Inc., headquartered in Hammond, Indiana, is the largest independent producer of Specialty Oxides and Performance Additives, with manufacturing operations in Indiana, Pennsylvania, England, and Malaysia.


Roger Miksad
Roger Miksad

President and Executive Director

Battery Council International, Washington, D.C., a trade association formed in 1924 to advance the North American battery industry, representing battery manufacturing, supply, recycling and distribution companies.


Additional Resources Available

The full-length recording of this video and links to each presenter’s slides are available on the U.S. Battery Briefing event page.


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