Blog | February 13, 2019

The World – and Capitol Hill – Lean In: Lead Batteries Matter

California Rep. Mark Takano stated that “everyone should be energized about battery storage” during his National Battery Day remarks on February 12.

Persistence pays when you’re trying to convey the contributions of lead batteries to a greener future. The lead battery industry is especially excited that progress is happening, serendipitously, as we prepare for National Battery Day on Monday, February 18. Here are two big highlights.

Hill Happenings

The expert panel describes emerging battery innovation.

The role of lead batteries in renewable energy storage is certainly a hot topic, further proven by a well-attended briefing on Capitol Hill February 12. The event featured a panel of leading science and business leaders who shared highlights on innovative lead battery research in progress.

Panelists included representatives ranging from Argonne National Laboratory and The Sustainability Consortium, to the electric and gas utility company Ameren. The various experts stressed the importance of supporting lead battery research and addressed how the results will stretch the bounds of lead battery innovation and performance to meet the growing needs of electrification, renewable energy storage, the automotive industry, sustainable manufacturing and more.

New York Rep. Chris Collins endorses new battery research.

Comments by George Mues, technology transfer manager at Ameren, included, “It’s exciting to see how this new technology [advanced lead batteries], which relies on natural resources produced right here in the United States, and manufactured by American companies, will help our customers in a real, living environment to reduce cost and improve the reliability of their electric service.”

Senate Committee Hearing

Additionally, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a full hearing February 7 to examine the status and outlook of energy in the U.S. A day before the hearing, a significant report on research led by former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest J. Moniz and Pulitzer Prize winner Daniel Yergin was released.

Titled Advancing the Landscape of Clean Energy Innovation, the report provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities in the U.S. clean energy innovation landscape. Included are 10 high-priority clean-energy innovation areas. First on the list of “Technologies with Breakthrough Potential”? Storage and battery technologies.

The report stated, “Storage, including batteries, can be used to address many challenges facing the power sector today, including integrating variable fuel sources into the grid, deferring capital investment in infrastructure, and improving economic dispatch, efficiency and power quality.”

Learn More Here

We’re always eager to share the immense relevancy of lead batteries, especially on National Battery Day. See the role of lead batteries in the future by watching this short video, ”Future Powered by Lead Batteries.”  You can also learn more at these links:

February 12 archived “Energy Storage & Battery Research Update.”

February 7 archived Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources hearing on “The Status and Outlook of Energy Innovation in the United States.”


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