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National Battery Day on Capitol Hill

February 12, 2019, Washington, D.C.

The annual National Battery Day provides an opportunity to engage with policymakers on the essentiality of lead batteries and the innovative research to improve their performance for automotive and energy storage applications. Global energy demand is expected to increase by 30% between 2018 and 2040. This is the equivalent of adding another China and India to our planet. Renewable energy sources are expected to provide 40% of that power generation. To address these needs and in recognition of National Battery Day, 2019, Essential Energy Everyday invited a panel of leading science and business leaders to share updates on innovative lead battery research as well as public/private partnerships to meet the need for renewable energy and create efficient energy models to lower the planet’s carbon footprint and stabilize the grid.

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Kevin Moran, Executive Vice President, Battery Council International welcomed the attendees and was followed by the co-chairs of the Advanced Energy Storage Caucus who presented brief remarks.

Co-Chairs Advanced Energy Storage Caucus


Angela Rolufs, VP Paragon Business Solutions (formerly Director, Center for Sustainability, Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Topic: Advanced Lead Battery Microgrid at Missouri S&T’s EcoVillage
How/why the “living laboratory” was created, proof of concept of lead batteries’ role in providing storage for renewable energy such as solar.


George Mues, Manager of Technology Transfer at Ameren
Topic: Why lead batteries meet the needs for renewable energy storage for utilities
Why Ameren supports the Missouri S&T microgrid project and why lead batteries were selected.


Dr. Tim Fister, Materials Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
Topic: Industry-national lab collaboration that seeks unrealized potential of lead battery technology
DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory has a joint research agreement with 14 lead battery manufacturers, recyclers and suppliers to enhance performance and longevity of lead batteries.


Dr. Tim Ellis, President RSR Technologies and Chair of the Consortium for Battery Innovation (formerly known as Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium)
Topic: Applying Argonne’s research to the marketplace
How results from existing joint industry-national lab collaborations has resulted in battery advancements.


Dr. Carole Mars, Director, Technical Development & Innovation, The Sustainability Consortium
Topic: Sustainability
How lead batteries contribute to a circular economy and can serve as a model for other battery technologies.


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