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BCI President & Executive Director Roger Miksad joins USEA Power Sector Podcast

roger miksad joins USEA power sector podcast

Battery Council International (BCI) President and Executive Director Roger Miksad sat down with Utility Dive contributing editor Herman Trabish to discuss Miksad’s journey to BCI, the association’s 100 year anniversary, and the current energy storage landscape.

“Lead batteries continue to dominate the low-voltage side of the house in electric vehicles, certainly there are some other chemistries at play there. But lead batteries have provided that power for more than a century and are really well-suited to those sorts of applications,” Miksad said in the podcast.

“We do see some automakers looking at 48 low-voltage architectures and we do see some other battery chemistries entering into that fray – lithium and sodium are both options that are on the table.”

Miksad further explained how various battery types, durations, and applications fit into today’s battery needs, including advanced lead batteries that can supply low cost, longer duration energy storage.

“Certainly as we go into the future, each battery chemistry will have its own niche, but there’s no question that the lead battery chemistry is really well-suited to those applications and is going to play a major part in lots of EV’s for the foreseeable future,” Miksad said.

In the podcast, the pair also discussed the U.S. Department of Energy’s recent $5 million grant to BCI to partner with national labs and create a consortium for studying the use of lead batteries in long duration storage.


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