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Battery Council International (BCI) Marks 100th Anniversary

BCI Marks 100th Anniversary

BCI Is Charged Up for the Future After a Century of Collaboration and Innovation in Energy Storage

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Battery Council International (BCI), the leading trade organization representing the global battery industry, will commemorate its 100th anniversary on March 21, 2024. BCI will mark the occasion with a year-long campaign highlighting the organization’s key members, industry achievements, and the bright future of energy storage.

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It all started in January 1924, when a small group of manufacturers met in Chicago to discuss the rapidly evolving energy storage landscape. The introduction of electric starters around that time had changed the nature of the budding automotive industry by creating a need for a reliable power supply in vehicles. While this sparked a growth mega trend for U.S. battery firms, it also created a complicated product mix that caused headaches for businesses, consumers, and battery manufacturers alike.

In March 1924, the National Battery Manufacturer’s Association – the group that would eventually become Battery Council International – was formed with 25 official members. The new group standardized product dimensions to support the automotive industry’s growth and developed voluntary safety standards to protect the industry’s workers, among other accomplishments.

“One of the original missions of Battery Council International was to bring sanity to an unorganized way of making product across the industry,” said Roger Miksad, President and Executive Director of BCI. “That mission lives on in our current work to support safe and efficient production of energy storage solutions that are essential to everyday use.”

The history of BCI has many examples of these values in action, including industry-led safety standards and a comprehensive database of product sizes that allow motorists to get the right battery for almost any vehicle – from early Model T Fords to 2024’s latest electric vehicle models. BCI manufacturers and recyclers also work collaboratively to share best practices, including a focus on sustainability that has resulted in a 99% recycling rate for lead batteries, making it the most-recycled consumer product in the U.S.

“This industry is always one that has been ahead of the curve,” said Chris Pruitt, Chairman of BCI’s Board and the CEO and President of leading battery manufacturer East Penn. “From a regulatory perspective, we want to be known for being proactive, especially when it comes to environmental protection and health and safety.  As an industry, we understand that innovation, sustainability, and fair competition are critical elements to staying relevant. While BCI has a rich history that we’re proud of, our members are very focused on the future.”

BCI will mark the occasion in person during its annual conference and trade show, the BCI 2024 Convention + Power Mart Expo on April 21-24 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. More information on that event is available at

About Battery Council International (BCI)

Battery Council International (BCI) is the leading trade association representing the global battery industry and is the premier authority on energy storage solutions. BCI advocates and educates on behalf of battery manufacturers and recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, and battery distributors. With a unified voice, BCI conveys an industry-wide commitment to sustainability, safety and science. The organization continues to unite members within the lead industry to successfully communicate and protect through education, science and advocacy efforts the most successful circular economy on the planet. With 99% of used lead batteries collected and recycled in the U.S. and the typical new lead battery containing 80% or more of recycled materials, BCI supports the path toward similar sustainability goals for all other battery chemistries.


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