BCI Happy Anniversary Video

Celebrate BCI’s 100th anniversary by sharing your congratulations in a short video! Join us in marking a century of achievements in the lead battery industry.

Call for “Happy Anniversary” Video Recordings for the BCI 100-Year Anniversary Celebration!

As we gear up for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of BCI, we want to make this milestone truly memorable and special. One exciting way to do so is by creating a engaging video compilation featuring greetings and well-wishes from our incredible members and industry partners.

We invite each and every one of you to participate in this unique project by recording a short video message wishing BCI a “Happy Anniversary!” Whether you’ve been with us for decades or are a newer member, your voice and contribution are essential to capturing the spirit of our association.

Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Grab your smartphone or camera.
  • Record a brief video message (3-15 seconds) wishing BCI an happy anniversary. Feel free to get creative and have fun! You can include anecdotes, company congratulations or even showcase some memorabilia related to our association.
  • Once you’ve recorded your message, please upload it (instructions below) by Friday, February 23. We’ll compile all the submissions into a memorable video montage, which will be showcased during the week of our 100 Year Anniversary in March, as well as at our 100-Year Convention in April.

Let’s make this celebration truly unforgettable by coming together and sharing the collective camaraderie that defines BCI. Thank you in advance for your participation, and we look forward to seeing your wonderful contributions!

Recording Tips & Guidelines

The following tips and guidelines should be considered when submitting a happy anniversary video.

Person/People Recorded

  • Group (preferred) – Gather a group of employees together to say a happy anniversary message simultaneously
  • Individual

Example Messaging

  • Quick, upbeat and sincere messaging directions:
    • Happy Anniversary BCI from XYZ Company
    • Happy Anniversary Battery Council International
    • Congratulations on 100 years BCI!
    • Cheers to 100!
    • Congrats to our industry leadership on 100 years!
    • From all of us at XYZ Company, congratulations on 100 years BCI!
    • Wow 100 years! Cheers to many more!


  • Having good light allows your phone camera to perform at its maximum capability. Whether you’re using natural sunlight or setting up lighting gear, make sure the light is hitting your face directly and you’re not lighting them from behind.
  • Lighting your face evenly from directly in front will ensure the most flattering shot.
  • Using a window to help light you is great as well.


  • Make sure your background is clean, clutter free and represents the battery industry.


  • Please shoot your video in a quiet space. Turn off any fans or loud computers. If you have a lavalier mic that you can plug in that is preferred. Try to get as clean audio as you can get.

Recording Instructions

Shooting preference: 4K, ultra-high definition (UHD).

  • How to change your phone’s video-recording settings to (4k – 30fps):
    • iPhone:
      • To change the fps setting, you’ll first have to switch from Photo mode to Video mode, either by swiping across the bottom carousel or tapping the label.
      • Then, in the upper right corner, tap to 30 FPS frames captured per second.
      • Switch from recording HD (1080p resolution) to 4K by tapping that label, too.
    • Android:
      • On an Android device, open up the Camera app, switch to Video mode, and then tap on the recording settings to open up a list of resolutions and fps values.
  • Filming on a camera:
    • Camera:
      • 3840×2160 UHD or 4096×2160 4K
      • Frame Rate: 29.97

Submit Your Video Below To Be Included in the 100-Year Anniversary Celebration!

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Please upload your video using the link below before submitting this form:
BCI Happy Anniversary Video Submissions
Any recording not meeting format or quality requirements may not be used. Video may be edited. If background or messaging does not reflect the image of BCI and the industry, it will not be used.

**I hereby grant BCI a non-exclusive, unrestricted, irrevocable license to my submitted recording (including, without limitation, any materials presented), to prepare a transcript of the session(s), to edit the session, and to reprint or otherwise reproduce, in written, video, audio or electronic format, the session and/or any recording or transcript of the session for the purpose of publishing and distributing, by sale or otherwise, the session, individually or as part of a compilation, to third-party distributors, media outlets, and other interested parties, for the benefit of BCI. Such license includes the right to use my name, likeness, voice and biographical information in connection with the session. Other than the acknowledgement I will receive from BCI and others for my participation, I acknowledge that BCI will owe me no royalty or other compensation for my contribution to the session or the rights granted herein.

I authorize BCI to publish my presentation materials on the BCI website and mobile app. I represent that I have the authority to allow BCI to sell and/or distribute my presentation in its entirety if it should choose, and that any such sale or distribution will not violate the intellectual property rights of any third parties. If that representation should prove to be untrue, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold BCI harmless from any claims of infringement asserted against it as a result of its sale and distribution of my presentation. It is agreed I will not receive a royalty or payment of any kind for BCI’s use, distribution and sale of my presentation.

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