2024 Amplify Award Submissions

Thank you to all the companies that submitted a campaign for the 2024 BCI Amplify Award! Congratulations to Trojan Battery Company on being named the 2024 Amplify Award winner.

Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery Company, Winner

“Say Yes to Trojan AES!”

AES stands for Advanced Energy Storage, and that’s precisely what the new Trojan AES deep-cycle batteries offer—a significant upgrade to standard AGM. Trojan continually works to develop the latest deep-cycle technologies, and Trojan AES represents a substantial advancement in VRLA technology. To reach their global target audience, their strategy was to develop a campaign that directly addressed our audience’s specific pain points and explained how Trojan AES would solve their problems. We adopted a question-and-answer approach to the campaign messaging—for example, “Want a battery that lasts up to 3X longer? Yes, with Trojan AES!” And that’s where our tagline was born—”Yes, with Trojan AES!”

The campaign exceeded its defined goals in every way. This was due, in part, to the success of the Trojan AES Media Kit and the global editorial coverage they received.

C&D Technologies

C&D Technologies

The C&D Technologies ‘Max Change’ campaign introduced the Pure Lead MAX (PLM) VRLA batteries to the target audience. The focus was on educating Data Centre engineers on the differentiators of the batteries and the problems they solve for customers. A laser-focused approach was taken with all digital marketing elements, using key messaging and dynamic graphics and animations. By highlighting key technology benefits that were developed for the PLM VRLA batteries, the campaign reinforces C&D Technologies’ market-leading position. The “Max Change” campaign showed success by a variety of metrics including awareness and engagement.

Club Assist

Club Assist’s strategic approach to delivering turn-key monthly content and distribution through a monthly newsletter, The Battery Crank Up, elevated the AAA and CAA Mobile Battery Service (MBS) message, emphasizing its convenience, value, and quality. Through this comprehensive strategy, The Battery Crank Up not only met the objectives of the marketing campaign but also played a pivotal role in reinforcing the brand’s presence and relevance across diverse platforms and audiences. The AAA and CAA clubs saw remarkable year-over-year growth, experiencing a noteworthy 53% increase with an impressive 90 additional organic posts. The newsletter achieved an overall open rate of 52%, solidifying its position as a successful and impactful tool for maintaining engagement with Mobile Battery Service.

Crown Battery, Honorable Mention

Ask people what the most recycled product in the USA is, and most answer, “an aluminum can.” In 2023, Crown Battery’s “Zero Battery Waste” campaign worked hard to change that. More than 400 news outlets, nationally syndicated TV, and a leading renewable energy trade magazine covered their campaign. They educated companies and the public, media, and government about lead batteries’ low waste, safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Crown Battery’s 2023 on-site waste-reduction included saving 1,140,230 gallons of water… 2,769 trees’ worth of fiber… 684,138 kWh of energy… and 66,785 gallons of fuel. They remain the industry’s only EPA Green Power Partner.


East Penn Manufacturing Co., Honorable Mention

East Penn’s Power2Recycle campaign was launched in response to the widespread perception that the lead battery manufacturing process is more harmful than beneficial to the environment. In an effort to improve public perception, the company executed a campaign designed to position the audience to support sustainable products effectively. The Power2Recycle campaign targeted three key stakeholder groups: the public, the industry’s customers, and its employees. The initiative began by establishing the company website as the central hub for the campaign, utilizing a variety of media such as videos, social media posts, press releases, and other communication platforms to engage these audiences. This campaign successfully strengthened collaborative support for the industry’s efforts.

FVP logo

Factory Motor Parts

Factory Motor Parts often received the question, “What is FVP?” With thousands of installers carrying FVP batteries throughout the US, they aimed to ensure all Vikings and NHRA fans understood that FVP was a leader in automotive batteries. Factory Motor Parts successfully heightened brand awareness around the FVP battery brand through a targeted campaign aimed at MN Vikings and NHRA fans. The campaign included TV commercials for Vikings Game Day ads, in-stadium IPTV and national NHRA events and broadcasts to reinforce the messaging. Survey results in the Twin City market showed results of over 70% claiming to have seen the commercial or heard about it from someone else. At a national level, polling attendees of NHRA events revealed a significant year-over-year increase in brand recognition. Learn more here.

OPTIMA Batteries

OPTIMA® Batteries is a leader in the automotive battery category and, traditionally, have always had a static booth display activation at The SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, the world’s leading automotive trade show. But in 2023, OPTIMA Batteries took their display outside and executed an outdoor activation, called OPTIMA Unleashed, to better engage directly with automotive and powersports enthusiasts. This exciting exhibit presented the power and performance of OPTIMA in drift cars, off-road race trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, street-legal race cars and more. Utilizing a live event to communicate the scale of OPTIMA’s offering was no easy task. Merchandise, collateral, pro partners and vehicle performance all needed to work seamlessly for our audience to understand that OPTIMA engineered the quit out of their batteries, and that they work over a wide range of applications and OPTIMA® received over 5,000 new leads in under three days.


Stryten Energy

Stryten Energy hosted an event to drive awareness and provide education on the significance of sustainable domestic energy storage, particularly its capabilities with vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) technology. They invited federal and state legislators and other key decision-makers in the utility sector. To ensure comprehensive media coverage, they developed a detailed outreach plan encompassing media advisories, press releases, informational materials, and multimedia content. The event itself attracted 82 attendees, including notable figures like U.S. Representative Mike Collins and representatives from Senator Jon Ossoff’s office. Additional promotional materials were produced post-event to further amplify their message.

Alan French from QTS Data Centers

Data is critical. Data is growing at a rapid rate, and energy storage [and] battery backup systems are key in keeping our data centers available.

Alan French, Vice President of Engineering, QTS Data Centers