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Economic Impact Study

The Economic Impact Study has found the lead battery industry is thriving. At the close of 2018, it showed a 20% increase in reported direct jobs since that information was last collected in 2016. In all, the industry reported nearly 25,000 direct jobs across 38 states and 92,000 total jobs when factoring in suppliers and worker spending in different industries.

The study also noted the U.S. lead battery industry contributed $26.3 billion in total economic output to the national economy. Included in that number is $10.9 billion in gross domestic product and $2.4 billion in government revenue.

The study, Economic Contribution of the U.S. Lead Battery Industry, was prepared by the EDR Group at the request of Essential Energy Everyday and Battery Council International (BCI). The findings demonstrate the economic benefits lead battery manufacturers and recyclers provide to thousands of American workers and their communities. Cumulatively, industry workers earn $6 billion annually in livable wages that provide access to the middle class, regardless of workers’ education level. Relative to other industry sectors, employees of the lead battery industry earn higher salaries. On average, salaries among mining and recycling employees reached $98,100, while manufacturing employees saw salaries of $64,000. Study respondents also reported spending more than $100 million on research and development, which has driven additional long-term job creation and other economic impacts.

The full study and methodology can be found here.

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