About BCI

Member Benefits

BCI members are engaged in every facet of the industry: Lead battery manufacturers and recyclers, marketers and retailers, suppliers of raw materials and equipment and expert consultants. Through advocacy, communications, education, collaboration and research, BCI supports the growth and success of our member companies and their employees.

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Advocate for the Industry

BCI is dedicated to informing lawmakers of key issues that impact the future of the lead battery industry. BCI regularly represents members on issues with the potential to affect lead battery manufacturers and recyclers at the local and state levels. In addition, BCI represents the industry before the U.S. Congress and federal and state regulatory bodies. BCI defends the industry’s record of safety and sustainability from multiple fronts, including ongoing attempts to outright ban lead batteries. Learn more about BCI's current advocacy initiatives here

Keeping the Industry Informed

With the assistance of BCI committee members, BCI publishes books and manuals that are critical for individuals in the industry. BCI members receive discounts to these industry publications:

Lead Battery Replacement Data Book: Regarded as the premier publication for the industry, the Data Book contains information and listings of group numbers and specifications for batteries used in domestic and foreign automobiles, trucks and more. The Data Book is updated and revised annually.

Source BCI: The digital version of the Data Book, Source BCI contains everything in the printed version, plus battery data from industrial road and miscellaneous equipment, power scrubbers and aerial lifts. Source BCI is updated and revised quarterly, and can be accessed via the website or mobile app.

Statistics Program: The go-to source for automotive and industrial battery shipment volumes, and is the only North American source of battery shipment volumes based on data provided by battery manufacturers. This exclusive set of data is updated monthly and allows BCI members to benchmark their performance to make informed decisions on the market. 

The Battery Labeling Manual: This manual of recommended practices provides information on hazard warnings and other markings for lead batteries and packaging, as well as labeling and testing requirements for acid packs, for use in the U.S. and its major trading partners. The labeling recommendations reflect major nationally and internationally adopted laws and standards governing health, safety, and the environment, as of January 2020. This manual is available digitally.

The Battery Technical Manual:  This reference book is prepared for users of automotive industrial-type lead batteries with specific references to laboratory analyses and test methods for evaluation of battery performance, major component parts and raw materials used in their construction. This manual is available digitally.

The Battery Service Manual: This publication focuses on battery theory, including construction, testing methods, proper maintenance, installation and problem handling. The information is compiled by engineers of the BCI Technical Committee. The 14th edition is available digitally. 

The Energy Beacon: A monthly, members-only electronic newsletter, The Energy Beacon keeps members up-to-date on the state of the lead battery industry and BCI's advocacy initiatives that helps members make informed decisions for their companies.