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BCI is dedicated to informing lawmakers of key issues that impact the future of the lead battery industry. BCI regularly represents members on issues with the potential to affect lead battery manufacturers and recyclers at the local and state levels. In addition, BCI represents the industry before the U.S. Congress and federal and state regulatory bodies. BCI defends the industry’s record of safety and sustainability from multiple fronts, including ongoing attempts to outright ban lead batteries.

BCI is here to be a strong voice for the industry. To ensure the stability of the industry, we need the contributions of our members. Through the collective resources of BCI member companies, BCI is able to promote the interests of member companies by influencing U.S. regulations which have a lasting impact on the profitability and growth of member companies in both the domestic and international marketplace. BCI’s leadership in promoting U.S. lead battery recycling laws has been recognized as one of the most meaningful trade association contributions of the last century.

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Energy Storage Systems Initiative 

As energy storage needs to increase worldwide, the lead battery industry will be presented with opportunities to participate in the growth. BCI works with our members and in partnership with the International Lead Association (ILA) and the Consortium for Battery Innovation (CBI) to promote the use of lead batteries in future energy storage systems.

The BCI Energy Storage Systems Initiative (ESSI) advocates for and supports the growing market for grid-connected energy storage systems by engaging federal and state regulators and utility companies to promote investment in lead battery research, development and deployment. A current example is a participation in the Department of Energy’s Energy Storage Grand Challenge.

Advancing Lead Batteries Communications Initiative

BCI’s Advancing Lead Batteries Communications Initiative (ALBCI) seeks to raise awareness of the importance of lead batteries, as well as inform and educate regulatory and legislative stakeholders on the need for continued investment in sustainable battery technologies. The ALBCI program invests in dedicated public relations and communications programs to promote the adoption of lead batteries for traditional and new applications. 

Essential Energy Everyday –Powered by Sustainable Lead Batteries,” or “EEE” is BCI’s public-facing brand developed by the ALBCI. The EEE website and the program was created to inform the policymakers’ perception of lead batteries and unite the industry in an effort to educate and promote the value of lead batteries.

BCI members have exclusive access to marketing collateral to promote EEE's Powered by Sustainable Lead Batteries messaging. Access these toolkits for infographics, videos, animated GIFs and more.


Global Material Stewardship Program

BCI has joined forces with the International Lead Association (ILA), the Association of Battery Recyclers (ABR) and EU-based automotive and industrial battery association EUROBAT to adopt a set of seven key principles and launch a task force to implement a wide-ranging material stewardship program designed to help further, protect workers and the environment.

The guiding principles represent an agreement between the four organizations, and participating member companies, to develop performance indicators and policies that will ensure continuous improvement in the management of lead exposure and emissions, and further minimize the environmental impact of used lead batteries. 

Monitoring Global Industry Standards Development

This initiative seeks to track global industry standards development and create a framework in which BCI can expand engagement with other developer organizations and ensure standards parity. The goal of the Standards Mapping Project is to help BCI members participate in the development of lead battery industry-related standards, whether these standards are driven by BCI or by another standards group. The project also aids BCI and its members in identifying international standards bodies where the lead battery industry is under-represented.

Keeping Members Informed

To help keep members up-to-date on the state of the lead battery industry and BCI’s advocacy initiatives, BCI distributes a monthly membership newsletter, The Energy Beacon, which features timely and relevant information to help members make informed decisions for their companies.