| January 14, 2023


Effective Date: 6/17/94
BCI Model: Yes
Deposita (refundable): Allowed (varies)z
Split of Deposit: N/A
Deposit Refund Period: N/A
Point of Sale Signb: Retailer
Fee (Nonrefundable): N/A
Definition: Lead battery means a battery that consists of lead and sulfuric acid and is used as a power source.” Nevertheless, the law exempts small sealed lead-acid batteries (weighs less than twenty-five pounds, is used in non-vehicular applications and is not used as the principal source for transportation, including automobiles, motorcycles, and boats).

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Dr. John Uhrie, Doe Run

With improved cooperation among stakeholders, increased research funding, and by following the circular economy example of lead batteries, the U.S. can regain domestic supply chain security and advance a low-carbon and renewable energy future.

Dr. John Uhrie, Vice President of Exploration, Research and Technical Development, The Doe Run Company