| January 14, 2023

South Carolina

Effective Date: 5/27/91
BCI Model: Yes
Deposita (refundable): Required ($5)x
Split of Deposit: 100% retailer
Deposit Refund Period: 30 days
Point of Sale Signb: State
Fee (Nonrefundable): $2m
Definition: Any battery that consists of lead and sulfuric acid, is used as a power source, and has a capacity of six volts or more, except that this term shall not include a small sealed lead-acid battery. A small sealed lead-acid battery weighs twenty-five pounds or less, and is used in non-vehicular, non-SLI (starting lighting ignition) applications.

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Chris Pruitt

It absolutely makes economic sense to create a sustainable product with a circular life cycle…

Chris Pruitt, CEO and President, East Penn Manufacturing