BCI Anniversary Book

Description: With the invention of the electrical starting system installed in General Motors’ luxury Cadillac line of vehicles in 1912, the market for lead automobile batteries was born. Consumers eager to ditch their crank-started cars clamored for battery powered autos, and that demand was met in the United States by a small number of determined entrepreneurs, mostly operating out of their home garages.

This is the story of how that group of visionaries came together a century ago to pursue a common purpose— to protect and promote their rapidly growing trade. Those entrepreneurs eagerly seized the opportunities afforded them by the skyrocketing demand for auto batteries but were also cognizant of the challenges they all faced in managing that growth, recognizing the need for structure and organization as they moved their industry forward.

In 1924, they formed what is now called Battery Council International, or BCI, uniting to create a powerful voice that could advocate and innovate on their behalf.

Today, this dynamic trade association represents more than 125 battery manufacturers, recyclers, marketers, retailers, suppliers, and distributors worldwide that serve the transportation, energy, and communications markets, among others. BCI’s President and Executive Director Roger Miksad describes their devotion to the industry: “These are the fiercest competitors in the marketplace, but they are incredibly committed to working together on issues of common concern.”

100 Years of Industry Leadership— Battery Council International tells how BCI champions causes on many fronts—from employee and consumer safety, environmental stewardship, technological innovation, industry education, and regulatory policy advocacy—and partners with its members to encourage and embrace their vital role in the future of our world’s energy needs.


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David Shaffer from EnerSys

...batteries are a key technology enabler for new concepts of mobility connectivity and energy.

David M. Shaffer, President and CEO, EnerSys