Blog | May 24, 2018

Memorial Day: Summer Fun Powered by Lead Batteries

Memorial Day is traditionally celebrated as the unofficial start of summer. We can break out our white shoes, fire up the grill and practice our barbecue skills with neighbors.

Powering Summer Fun

Joining in the summer fun – and, literally, powering new memories-in-the-making – are lead batteries. In fact, lead batteries are as essential to summer as sunscreen and cookouts. Whether you’re hopping on a Harley motorcycle to fulfill your own vision of Easy Rider, piling the family into an RV to save the world à la The Incredibles or starting a memorable Griswold family road trip like National Lampoon’s Vacation your adventures are made possible, in part, by lead batteries.

Closeup front view of a young man riding a jet ski on a sunny summer day at open sea. He's wearing swimming suit and a life jacket.


Here’s what else lead batteries will make possible this summer:

  • Adventuring off road and up hills with a rugged ATV
  • Speeding offshore with a sleek Jet Ski or flashy power boat
  • Honing fishing skills on a peaceful lake with a trolling motor
  • Enjoying a leisurely game of golf with a zippy golf cart
  • Taking care of chores with a trusty riding lawnmower
  • And, if summer storms temporarily take out the power, lead batteries will ensure essential services and conveniences keep running.

We wish you a safe and fun-filled weekend as you create new memories with family and friends.

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Alan French from QTS Data Centers

Data is critical. Data is growing at a rapid rate, and energy storage [and] battery backup systems are key in keeping our data centers available.

Alan French, Vice President of Engineering, QTS Data Centers