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Lead Batteries Are Revved and Ready to Power Summer “Vaxications”

Lead batteries power motorcycles.

Ready to Hit the Road, Lakes or Greens?

As the temperatures and COVID vaccination rates soar, Americans are itching for summer vacations. Advanced lead batteries are ready to support the re-entry fun, whether you’re hitting the highways, waterways or golf balls on your favorite course.

According to The Points Guy and Healthline Media, a recent survey found that half of U.S. adults are likely to take at least one vacation this summer. And, nearly half of those people (49%) said they’re interested in a road trip. Lead batteries will get them to their destination. How so? Lead batteries power personal and public transportation – more than 275 million cars and trucks, and multiple other forms of vehicles for transportation, recreation and sports.

“Vaxications” to the Great Outdoors

Further proof of our pent-up travel enthusiasm comes from AAA Travel agents. They agree that Americans who have received their COVID shot(s) are booking celebratory vacations coined “vaxications.” Popular destinations include national parks and beaches with generous open spaces to maintain social distance.

Put simply, the desire to be moving again is leading to higher sales in almost every type of battery powered vehicle.

Lead batteries power RVs

Lead Batteries Power Your RV

Thanks to lead batteries, more people than ever have gotten reacquainted with the great outdoors from a recreation vehicle (RV). RVs require two types of lead batteries. One used for the starter, and the other (deep cycle batteries) gives off a lower amount of power over a longer amount of time, and are larger than the battery found in a typical automobile.

RV shipments reached a record-breaking high in the first quarter of 2021. That was understandable, according to Craig Kirby, president and CEO of the RV Industry Association.

“Over the past year, many Americans have rediscovered [their] desire to get outside and live an active outdoor lifestyle. And many of these same people also discovered for the first time that an RV is the perfect way to get the most out of the great outdoors.”

Lead batteries power motorcycles

Lead Batteries Take You Off-Road

If an RV doesn’t suit your style, motorcycles have a mystique and appeal formed by television and movies. One anonymous ryder proclaimed, “Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.”

Again, lead batteries are essential to the fun. These high-performance batteries are rugged enough for extreme and challenging conditions. That makes them ideal as powersport batteries for motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility task vehicles (UTVs), personal watercraft, scooters and other sport “toys” whose sales surged during the pandemic.

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) reported off-highway motorcycle sales spiked in 2020, up nearly 47% over the prior year. That category includes dirt bikes, trail bikes, competition motorcycles and other motorized two-wheelers that aren’t used on public roads. ATV sales also jumped by one-third over 2019. Those two-, three- and four-wheel sales were part of a trend that reflects these vehicles “are not only fun, efficient ways to commute, they open up many recreational opportunities,” said Erik Pritchard, president and CEO of MIC.

Powersport vehicle owners find that lead batteries have a proven history of safe use, are affordable, and can be recharged if needed. They are the most common type of batteries in both ATVs and the increasingly popular side-by-side or UTV. A UTV is like a golf cart that’s designed for hauling, towing or taking a few passengers for a ride.

Lead Batteries Help You Ride the Waves

Like RVs, many boats carry both an engine starting battery and a deep-cycle battery for powering navigation, lights and domestic equipment. Boat sales also made a big splash during the pandemic.

The Personal Watercraft Industry Association (PWIA) and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) reported that new powerboat sales in February 2021 were up 34% compared to the same period last year.

“Inventory levels of new boats are the leanest they’ve ever been. Boats are being sold as soon as they hit the marketplace, as manufacturers work to fulfill the backlog of orders,” noted Vicky Yu with NMMA. “While new boat sales slowed in early 2021 following record sales last year, we are still seeing elevated levels, as more Americans seek out boating as a way to spend quality time with loved ones.”

Lead Batteries Tend Your Golfing Greens

If you’re staying close to home this summer, the local golf course may be a great way to enjoy fresh air, family and friends. A golf cart can make your game more enjoyable.

Electric golf carts use 6-, 8- or 12-V batteries and are different from car batteries. While lithium batteries are one option, lead batteries cost less and remain a reliable solution. They have the added bonus of being nearly 100% recyclable (unlike lithium batteries), making them a model of sustainability and circularity. In fact, lead batteries are America’s most recycled consumer product.

Also, the lawn mowers used to manicure golf courses rely on lead batteries. They’ve long been favored as an affordable and simple battery technology, compared to other rechargeable batteries. In fact, lead batteries comprise 70% of the world’s rechargeable battery market. They’re also less sensitive to temperature changes, and don’t face the overheating and internal failure of cells that a lithium battery can. Indeed, lead batteries are the preferred choice when there are large areas of land to mow.

Lead Batteries Put COVID in Your Rear View Mirror

Whether traveling by car, RV, motorcycle or boat, newly vaccinated Americans are ready to resume normal activities and create vacation memories. As you hit the road this summer, advanced lead batteries will provide the innovative power solutions to move you from Point A to Point B … or wherever you want to go!


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Dr. John Uhrie, Doe Run

With improved cooperation among stakeholders, increased research funding, and by following the circular economy example of lead batteries, the U.S. can regain domestic supply chain security and advance a low-carbon and renewable energy future.

Dr. John Uhrie, Vice President of Exploration, Research and Technical Development, The Doe Run Company