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Indiana State Representative Visits Hammond Group Inc.’s State-of-the-Art Research Lab

Indiana State Rep Mike Andrade visits Hammond Group research lab
Gordon Beckley (left), VP COO; State Rep. Mike Andrade; Terry Murphy, president and CEO; and Victor Lopez meet at the Hammond research lab.

Last week, Indiana State Representative Mike Andrade visited Hammond Group Inc.’s (HGI) state-of-the-art lead battery research lab, E=(LAB)2 in Hammond, Indiana. HGI is a global manufacturer of lead battery oxides and specialty performance additives for energy storage applications, ranging from cars and industrial uses to renewable energy. The company’s two Indiana facilities manufacture over one hundred million pounds of various oxides and performance additives.

HGI also champions lead batteries as key to a more sustainable future. Representative Andrade learned how HGI is advancing research in battery materials, cell manufacture, and battery testing to provide custom solutions for next-generation batteries ­– critical for a greener, more sustainable future. As America’s most recycled consumer product, lead batteries will play a central role in green energy storage and help strengthen our domestic supply chain.

Terrence Murphy, president of HGI, shared that “as a leader in lead battery research and performance enhancements we partner with the Consortium for Battery Innovation, Purdue University, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and others to drive innovation.”

Indiana State Rep Mike Andrade visits Hammond Research Lab
Mary Ann Sapp, Hammond's quality manager visits with State Rep. Andrade.

As a member of the House Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee, Representative Andrade knows the value of supporting domestic jobs and domestic manufacturing. “Understanding the needs of the lead battery industry and how businesses like Hammond Group are taking action for a more sustainable future are key takeaways from this visit,” said Andrade. HGI employs over 100 Hammond-area citizens and purchases tens of millions of dollars from Indiana suppliers.

HGI’s top priority remains safety. It has invested heavily in employee health, safety, and comfort. It’s also strengthening its community by donating to area non-profits, including hospitals, schools, social services and more. Additionally, HGI is the only repeat winner (2021 and 2016) of the BCI Innovation Award, presented annually by Battery Council International to recognize innovations that advance the lead battery industry. Keep up the great work, Hammond Group!


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