Events | March 24, 2023

Year-In-Review Meeting

Nearly 50 WGBI members came together on December 8 for the last meeting in 2022 to provide feedback on the programming offered to the membership in WGBI’s inaugural year. The meeting started off with an informative overview of WGBI’s accomplishments in 2022.

WGBI’s Inaugural Year By The Numbers:

  • 10 events held including, webinars, Energizing Conversations, and in-person meetings.
  • 21 participants in the pilot Mentor Program.
  • 45 average attendees for the Energizing Conversations – informal discussions on a selected topic of interest.
  • 54 average attendees for the career and industry webinars.

Members provided valuable insight and feedback on the programming offered and suggestions for the future. Thank you to all who attended and provided helpful feedback along with new programming ideas. The WGBI leadership is currently evaluating the feedback and will be taking it into consideration as we start our second year in 2023!

Mark Wallace

The pandemic has shown us just how vital the lead battery industry is. Without 12V batteries, first responders can’t function; food and medical supplies can’t reach their destination; essential employees can’t get to their jobs....It’s as simple as that.

Mark Wallace, President and CEO, Clarios