Events | March 24, 2023

Owning Your Career Path – Key Things to Consider

WGBI members convened on July 12 for an inspirational session with three unique industry professionals, Jennifer Slater, Vice President and General Manager, Original Equipment & Products, Clarios; Irina Spiry, Technology Manager, Battery Products, Hollingsworth & Vose; and Ray Goodearl, Vice President, Strategic Accounts, Indic Group. Attendees heard how forces within and outside of their control shaped the panelists’ careers. Over 40 members joined the webinar, moderated by Nancy Martin of NRM Consulting, who guided the conversation with thought-provoking questions and provided her own nuggets of wisdom. The discussion featured key advice from the panelists as they talked about the twists and turns in their own career paths, commented on the benefits of networking, were asked to consider past decisions they might change if they had the power to (spoiler: they would not change a thing!) and the importance of being open with fellow coworkers about what you want from your career. In the end, each offered a key piece of advice to the group: just keep swimming, don’t die—everything else you can come back from, the glass is always half full, and work to live, don’t live to work.

Thank you to everyone who attended! If you are a member of WGBI and missed the webinar, email WGBI to get a link to the recording.

Mark Wallace

The pandemic has shown us just how vital the lead battery industry is. Without 12V batteries, first responders can’t function; food and medical supplies can’t reach their destination; essential employees can’t get to their jobs....It’s as simple as that.

Mark Wallace, President and CEO, Clarios