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No Place Like Home for the Holidays: Battery Industry Employees Help Local Communities

EEE EPM Holiday Giving

East Penn and Friend Inc. come together each year to donate turkeys to families in need. Pictured left to right: Howard Chavous (East Penn), Kelcey Petty (East Penn), Cathy Dill (Friend Inc.) and Jim Reece (Friend Inc. Executive Director).

Member Companies Offer Warmth, Joy and Food This Holiday Season

Editor’s Note: This is the second of two blogs featuring U.S.-based Battery Council International (BCI) member companies and their employees who are giving generously to help families over the holidays. Read the first blog here.

The most festive time of year can be highly stressful for communities in need. Many people and families are simply trying to make ends meet, with no capacity for giving gifts and making favorite meals.

The lead battery industry has a long-standing tradition of giving back to help fill this gap, especially around the holiday season. BCI is proud of the organizations and individuals that generously give their time to lift up their neighbors.

Here, we shine a light on two member companies, ENTEK International and East Penn Manufacturing Co. Learn how they are engaging with their local communities and making sure no family goes without a bit of holiday cheer this season.

ENTEK’s Goodwill Includes Coats for Kids and Thanksgiving Meals

For more than 35 years, ENTEK International has called Lebanon, Oregon, its home and global headquarters. In that time, the company has expanded across the globe to the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Japan and China. But one thing that has never changed: ENTEK’s commitment to the community that gave it its start.

Giving back is a big part of the company’s culture, and ENTEK has been proud to keep close ties with the Lebanon community and surrounding area for years. Two traditions that help fill a need in the small logging town have become highly anticipated annual events. They are ENTEK’s Coats for Kids and the Thanksgiving Meal Boxes program.

ENTEK Coats for kids holiday delivery

Coats for Kids started when ENTEK opened its doors in 1984 as a way to thank the company’s founders. At that time, Lebanon was in transition with high unemployment, due to the slowing lumber industry. Once ENTEK began hiring, some of the employees wanted to show their appreciation. Rather than buy a gift or plaque, the group honored ENTEK’s belief in the importance of giving back. Thus, Coats for Kids was born.

ENTEK Coats for kids donations
Each year, ENTEK’s Coats for Kids gives coats to area children. To date, more than 1,000 children in Lebanon, Oregon, and the surrounding communities have benefited from the program.

“For me personally, this is such a touching story,” says Amber Steinborn, ENTEK administrative coordinator. “As a single mother, and having a rough year with my kids, it reminds me not to give up. You never know how close you could be to achieving your dreams or reaching your goals, or even just finding your way out of a tough spot.”

What started as a donation of 50 to 60 coats for local children has grown to well over 1,000 coats donated to area youth. The program is 100% funded by ENTEK employees, whose donations go directly to coat purchases throughout the year.

ENTEK Holiday Giving Meals
ENTEK gives back to its community through its Thanksgiving Meal Boxes program. Employees spend time together packing boxes for local families to pick up.

But the goodwill doesn’t stop there.

Each year, ENTEK also provides more than 200 Thanksgiving meals for local families. Employees come together to build meal boxes so families can make a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings.

“The tradition has become more than providing something to eat. It has become an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to those in our community for allowing us to be the best neighbors we can be,” says Anthony Sciscioli, ENTEK marketing manager. Sciscioli, who has been involved with the Thanksgiving Meal Boxes program since joining ENTEK, believes there is no feeling more rewarding than giving back.

ENTEK has certainly expanded and evolved since its founding in 1984. As the demand to develop more sustainably focused equipment becomes increasingly important, two things are clear: ENTEK will continue to grow, and so will its spirit of giving back to local communities and families.

East Penn Manufacturing Co. Powers the Holidays with Toys and Turkeys

East Penn Manufacturing Co. employees have a passion to help empower those in their local communities. At no other time is that more evident than during the holiday season.

Each year, East Penn employees generously contribute to Friend Inc. Community Services. Friend Inc. is a multi-services social agency that supports the well-being of those in need in Northeastern Berks County, Pennsylvania, where East Penn’s main campus is located.

Through Friend Inc.’s Christmas Cheer program, the East Penn family comes together to donate toys and wrap presents, providing gifts for children in need. Because of this generosity, Friend Inc. can provide more children with Christmas gifts during the holiday season.


East Penn Holiday Giving
Howard Chavous (left) and Kelcey Petty (center) from East Penn join Cathy Dill (right) from Friend Inc. to sort the toys that East Penn employees generously donated.

In addition to the toy drive, East Penn employees donate turkeys to the Friend Inc. Food Pantry. It is a long-standing tradition for the company to provide a turkey to each employee, supporting family gatherings and fellowship over the holidays. East Penn employees are thankful to provide the same to those in need through their work with the Friend Inc. Food Pantry. In many cases, East Penn employees will donate their turkeys to the food pantry.  

While the world needs power from batteries, it also needs the power from people — like the employees of East Penn, who care so much about their neighbors in need.

Meaningful Traditions Continue Across the Industry

ENTEK and East Penn embody the culture of generosity that is seen across so many organizations within the U.S. lead battery industry, during the holiday season and all year round.

Essential Energy Everyday extends its gratitude to the employees and organizations that continue our industry’s important tradition of giving back to those in need. When working together, we can empower our communities to achieve a brighter future.


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