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BCI - MPSC Joint Lead Battery Symposium

The BCI and the Military Power Sources Consortium (MPSC) jointly heldthe first-ever U.S. Lead Battery Symposium on December 15, 2022. This webinar brought together lead battery experts from industry, market research, research and development, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Experts addressed how sustainable lead battery technology will continue to meet our country's energy storage needs now and into the future. While lead batteries have been in use for more than 150 years, this symposium provides examples of new research projects that have set goals for increased performance and capacity, and new applications where next-generation lead batteries can play a significant role in meeting the growing demand for energy storage.

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On-Demand Briefing: Critical Minerals & Supply Chains for U.S. Energy Storage

Today’s global battery market is about $90 billion in value. By 2030, the battery market will grow to about $150 billion annually, and the energy storage required for a low-carbon future will nearly triple. We will discuss how the U.S. can meet its energy storage needs domestically and examine how the U.S. can reclaim its position as a global leader in mineral extraction and processing. This is the first of the multi-part, on-demand briefings to help policy makers stay in-the-know on key topics regarding how to meet U.S. energy storage needs with domestic resources.

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On Demand Briefing #2: Vehicle Electrification & the Essential Role of Lead Batteries

To help policy makers stay current, Battery Council International has released the second in its multi-part, on-demand briefing series on how to meet U.S. energy storage needs with domestic resources. Each briefing is a free, 20-minute, pre-recorded session listeners can access when convenient. The series shares front-line insights from top battery industry and supply chain experts who discuss current issues and opportunities facing energy storage and manufacturing today: supply chains, infrastructure, battery innovation, electrification and the need for new energy sources.

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