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Lithium Battery Safety Training

The lead battery recycling process was uniquely designed for lead batteries; it is one of the core drivers of lead batteries' over 99% recycling rate. However, when lithium batteries enter the lead battery recycling stream, they pose a serious threat to lead battery recyclers’ employees and equipment. This is because lithium batteries can explode when they are crushed during the lead battery recycling process.

In an effort to decrease and ultimately eliminate lithium batteries from entering the lead battery recycling stream, BCI has created a lithium battery training toolkit designed to be incorporated into companies' onboarding programs and learning management systems (LMS). The toolkit includes a video, poster and flyer, each developed to aid lead battery sorters and handlers in identifying lithium batteries.

The video below teaches you how to identify the differences between lithium and lead batteries, provides you with the resources needed to develop your lithium disposal plan, and warns you of the consequences of including a lithium battery in a lead battery pallet.


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