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BCI's comprehensive manual prepared for all uses of automotive type lead batteries with specific reference to laboratory analyses and test methods for evaluation of battery performance major component parts and raw material used to manufacture these batteries. The Technical Manual includes the following sections.

  • Disclaimer Statement, Introductions, Safety Chapter and Safe Booster Cable Operation Revised 05/15
  • BCI Method for Assignment of Group Numbers Revised 10/17
  • BCI Recommended Test Procedures for Battery Materials Specifications, Vehicular, Ignition, Lighting and Starting Types Revised 04/14
  • BCI Recommended Test Methods for VRLA-AGM Battery Separators Revised 12/15
  • BCI Recommended Battery Material Specifications, Flooded Battery Separator Test Methods Revised 01/18
  • BCI Recommended Storage Battery Electrical Specifications Revised 11/16
  • BCI Recommended Specifications for Electric Vehicle Batteries Revised 04/17
  • BCI Recommended Specifications for Cycle Life Testing of Electric Vehicle & Cycling Batteries Revised 04/17
  • BCI Recommended Test Procedure for Battery Safety Vents Revised 06/15
  • BCI Recommended Standardized Testing Methods for Polypropylene Resin Revised 04/15
  • BCI Recommended Test Procedures for Lead Oxides Revised 02/17
  • BCI Specification Reference for Standby Batteries Revised 04/13
  • BCI Determination of Capacity of Lead-Acid Industrial Storage Batteries for Motive Power Service Revised 10/17
  • BCI Life Cycle Testing of Lead-Acid Industrial Storage Batteries for Motive Power Service Revised 10/17
  • BCI Standard for Deep Cycle Battery Chargers Revised 09/07
  • BCI Procedures for Evaluating Plastic Jars and Covers for Motive Power Industrial Batteries Revised 04/15
  • BCI Standard for Deep Cycle Fast/Battery Chargers Revised 04/06
  • SAE J240 Life Test for Automotive Storage Batteries
  • SAE J537 Standard Test Procedures for Storage Batteries
  • SAE J539 Voltages for Diesel Electrical Systems
  • SAE J541 Voltage Drop for Starting Motor Circuits 
  • SAE J930 Storage Batteries for Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines
  • SAE J1495 Test Procedure for Battery Flame Retardant Venting Systems 
  • SAE J2185 Life Test for Heavy-Duty Storage Batteries 
  • BCI Recommended Procedures for Concentrated Sulfuric Acid for Use in Preparing Lead-Acid Electrolyte Revised 08/14
  • BCI Specification for ‘Non-Spillable’ Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries Revised 06/17
  • Partial State of Charge (PSOC) Life Test of Lead-Acid Industrial Storage Batteries for Motive Power Service Revised 04/14

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