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National Recycling Rate Study

The National Recycling Rate Study, commissioned by BCI, has been completed for the years 2014–2018 and concluded that lead batteries have a recycling rate of 99%.

The new study also confirms lead batteries’ as the most recycled consumer product in the country and speaks to the commitment of the lead battery industry to provide safe, sustainable energy storage. As the most accessible, highly-sustainable battery technology, lead batteries’ innovative applications also reduce CO2 emissions in vehicles through start-stop battery technology, help power hybrid and electric vehicles, and enable smart grid technology that improves the reliability of wind and solar farms.

The national recycling rate (R) was calculated by dividing the total pounds of battery lead recycled (LR) by the total pounds of battery lead available for recycling (LA) in the United States.

R = (LR/LA) x 100

New battery shipments, new battery exports, imports and export of vehicles/products containing battery and imports and exports of scrap and used batteries were all included in calculating the total pounds of lead available for recycling.

You can find the full BCI National Recycling Rate Study, 2014–2018 here.

Download the full infographic.