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2020 Innovation Award Submissions

Thank you to all the companies who submitted for the 2020 Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award. View each submission video by clicking on the company logo or view the full playlist here.



Battery Focused E-Commerce/SaaS Platform

1-800-Battery is the first e-commerce marketplace/Saas Platform that focuses on the unique problems of retailing Lead Acid Batteries on the Internet. We’re the pioneer of a disruptive business model: Connecting geolocated consumers with independent retail brick and mortar and mobile service providers. We call this “disconnected omnichannel”. We turn Where to Buy into Buy Now.


Abertax Technologies

Battery Electrolyte Level Sensor Probe

Abertax currently has a very successful electrolyte level sensor in its product line, which presently carries a lead probe. The R&D team has now come up with a new development doing away with lead & replacing it with composite carbon fibre. This has been done in the best interest of Health and Safety of anyone handling the product plus a perspective towards a greener environment and sustainability.




ArcActive has re-engineered the negative electrode of the Lead Battery to remove the Lead Grid and replace it with a non-woven Carbon Fibre Fabric (AACarbonTM). The benefit of this innovation is that it solves the number one technical challenge facing the industry (as identified by the CBI): achieving high and sustained Dynamic Charge Acceptance while delivering very low Water Consumption.


Chittaranjan Ghosh

Novel Electrodes and Battery Charging Method

A novel pair of lead – acid battery electrodes, which are bagged in terelyne cloth bag without having used any pasting to avoid paste mixer, pasting machine and oven etc. By increasing active material ratio to structural material, higher energy density is achieved.

A battery charging method is provided which includes a combination of CC and CV mode to reduce the emission of harmful gases, conserve electrical energy and extend the life of flooded type lead acid batteries during Jar formation.


CMWTEC Technologie GmbH

Advanced High Rate Discharge Test Machine

Advanced High Rate Discharge (HRD) test machine with integrated impedance & DC internal Resistance measurement for automotive lead-acid batteries. Our new feature presents a new approach of an End-of Line test machine (EOL) in terms of its assembly, programming flexibility and the ability to accurately discriminate between acceptable and unacceptable batteries.



Carbon Coated Separator

Daramic has invested heavily in research to understand how the separator may influence achieving CBI battery targets in partial state of charge cycle life, dynamic charge acceptance, water loss and corrosion. This has led to the development of a separator that increases acid to the negative, prevents active material swelling, and adds carbon that intimately contacts the negative plate.

Flow-Rite Controls

Sensor Suite

The Flow-Rite sensor suite measures, collects, and tracks essential characteristics of a deep cycle battery pack. These sensors allow you to manage the care for your deep cycle batteries either wirelessly or through a vehicle's on-board computer. This allows you to monitor, track, and control your fleet 24/7.


Mega Amps International


Introducing EQLYTE (EE-KEW-LITE), an effective optimisation of electrochemical hydrodynamics within flooded Lead Acid cells yielding increased discharge capacity and active material utilization. Electrolyte optimization is conducive to 25% – 35% more discharge capacity and improves the PbSO4 solubility facilitating a more efficient charge and discharge process with less raw material usage.

Power Sonic

The e-co2tainer

The e-co2tainer (pronounced Ecotainer) is a mobile unit where drivers can charge their electric cars at project locations. The required electricity is generated with solar panels and wind turbines which are on top of the unit and a generator placed inside the unit that works exclusively on Biofuel. A completely independent off grid solution.

PRO Charging Systems

Battery Optimization System (B.O.S.)

The Battery Optimization System (B.O.S.) is an active balancer for multiple batteries in a series configuration. The B.O.S. will keep the batteries balanced during charge, discharge, and rest. This allows for greater run times as well as prolonging battery life by means of energy shuttling which can be monitored via wireless communication to a phone or tablet with the free ProView Link app.


TBS Engineering

Automatic Plate Loader

Automation equipment to load positive and negative plates into a stacker without human intervention. The equipment scans a pallet of plates to determine the position of the stacks, lifts the stack and loads the plates into a plate shuffler designed to stop plates from sticking together. The shuffler then loads the plates into the feeders of the stacker. Plate loading up to 360 per/min is possible.



IoT Inventory Management System

Interstate Batteries teamed up with Very to design and build an IoT-powered inventory management system to track the location of their batteries in retail stores and mechanic shops across the country. With this new system, drivers can use much smaller, more fuel efficient trucks and drive shorter routes because of the more efficient inventory management the solution enables.


The Wirtz Group of Companies

RTR "Ready to Run" Used Lead Acid Battery Breaking and Separation System

The RTR "Ready to Run" used lead acid battery breaking and separation system is a complete, fully assembled, piped, and electrically integrated, skidded breaking and separation system which can be shipped worldwide, installed and started up in less than a day, does not require special foundations, and can be ran by a single operator.