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2019 Innovation Award Submissions

Please click on the company logos to view a short video about their Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award submission. You may also view the full playlist of videos here. Thank you to all the companies who submitted.


Abertax Technologies

Wireless Battery Monitoring System - Charger Communication System

This new innovation patented by Abertax in cooperation with Industrie Elektronik Brilon (IEB). involves the development of wireless data transmission through Abertax e2 BMS. Once a battery is connected to the charger, it is identified wireless and transfers all its relevant battery data to the charger which in turn adjusts its charging regime according to the particular battery conditions.

Battery Rescue

The Battery Transport and Storage Container

Battery collection service to remote mine sites located in Western Australia. For our customers, such as BHP, the BTS Containers provided an environmentally superior and safer method, than wood pallets, for storing and transporting their used batteries. The use of battery powered 4G IoT technology has enabled us to overcome many of the transport challenges to large mine sites in remote areas.

Customized Energy Solutions

Lead Battery Operation & Maintenance Manual for Solar PV Plants

When lead acid battery banks at most Indian solar PV microgrids were observed to supply either less than half of their capacity or failing after a few minutes of discharge within just few months of operation, an O&M intervention in the form of a lead acid battery manual was envisaged, which helped increase solar plant output to 44 percent within just one month of operation.


Daramic Shuttle Table by Huff Technologies

A key to understanding how the battery functions, including its failure modes, is to mimic real world scenarios during testing. Daramic has developed a proprietary motion testing method along with innovative new machinery. The Daramic Shuttle Table creates a battery testing paradigm shift that simulates real world battery use case scenarios.


Microporous Charge Acceptance Booster Mat

The demand for EFB continues to grow with increased use of start-stop technology. High charge acceptance is a key requirement for EFB and motive power where opportunity charging is a core requirement. This invention is a high charge acceptance enhancing separator component with a unique formulation of high surface area carbon and other additives for fast charging capability in a battery.


Narada Frequency Regulation Energy Storage PCR Project

Narada frequency regulation energy storage PCR project was partnered with energy storage operator, Upside Group. The project was built to participate frequency regulation for the German power grid. The project location is Langenreichenbach. The construction capacity of of Narada's frequency regulation energy storage PCR project is 75MW. The installed capacity of the first phase project is 16.4MW, and the peak energy storage capacity can reach 25MWh. This project consists of 18 containers, and the battery consists of 10584 units 1200 Ah lead-carbon valve regulated cell. It is powered by nine inverters, each of which can provide 1.8 MVA. 

The battery is operated at partial state-of-charge so that it can accept and deliver charge all the time. It can supply more than one month of electricity supply to 80 households on each charge. This project has passed the certificate and review of the German power grid, and has participated in the EU power grid frequency auxiliary service officially. 


Philadelphia Scientific

iBOS Charger-Splitter

iBOS Charger Splitter will half the number of chargers you need in your battery room. This enables forklift operators to sequentially charge two batteries with one charger. Creating a huge savings for your battery room!



DRM System

The Power Sonic Demand Response Module (DRM) is a fully integrated and unique energy storage solution for medium and high voltage grid connection. The system offers faster response times to variations in demand and supply, helping maintain grid stability and ensuring reliable, high-quality energy supply response through a range of application. Perfect for peak shaving, and frequency regulation.

RSR Technologies Inc.


An active R&D initiative in the secondary lead industry has produced a new alloy, SUPERSOFT-HYCYCLE, enabling lead batteries to function at 2x current standards. Use of the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory has helped verify this improvement. The alloy improves cycle  ife, dynamic charge acceptance and capacity.

Terrapure Environmental

LI Detector

Terrapure has developed a technology to detect and remove lithium-ion batteries—a significant equipment and safety risk—from the lead recycling stream. Called the Li-ion detector or LI Detector™, it uses high-frequency radio waves to detect lithium-ion batteries by scanning for their unique charging and protection circuitry. If detected, they can be easily removed by hand or automatically.



Battery Sizing Software

The first universal battery sizing software capable of sizing critical applications across multiple vendors, technologies, and product lines. No more guessing battery capacity requirements. An unbiased, scientific approach to sizing and comparing battery solutions. You can also use it as sizing validation. Find the correct and best optimized battery solution in minutes, simply visit VOLTiFiC.COM