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2018 Innovation Award Submissions

Please click on the company logos to view a short video about their Sally Breidegam Miksiewicz Innovation Award submission. You may also view our playlist of all 2018 submissions. Thank you to all the companies who submitted.



Abertax Technologies

One Valve Lid

An Innovation patented by Abertax solving a weakness of VRLA batteries during the charging process. It provides equal pressure in all cells of a battery preventing early failure caused by unequal loss of electrolyte and differences in charging and discharging voltages per cell. Moreover the new lid design can control the charging regime guaranteeing a perfect recharge without any cell gassing.





Carbon Coated Separator Technology 

Analysis of carbon’s use in improving dynamic charge acceptance coupled with a patented application process led to the invention of Carbon Coated Separator Technology. The solution reduces sulfation crystal growth - which means more active surface area on the plates for improved conductance of the electrode. We have created a separator that will increase the amount and speed of electrification.




GNB Industrial Power

Tensor x Gel

GNB Industrial Power (headquarter in Milton, Georgia), one of the market leaders in battery manufacturing and well known for reliable flooded and gel lead traction batteries for hard industrial use developed the next generation of lead batteries: TENSOR the unique high performance battery and TENSOR xGEL the innovative maintenance-free battery.





Gridential Energy, Inc.

Gridtential’s Silicon Joule® Technology

Gridtential Energy's breakthrough Silicon Joule® battery architecture combines the traditional benefits of lead-acid batteries – low cost, recyclability, and safety – with a novel bipolar battery architecture. As demand in high-power applications increases across industries, Gridtential’s technology delivers the high dynamic charge acceptance (DCA) required to meet these evolving performance needs.




Highwater Innovations

Go Battery

The GO Battery is a Geometrically Optimized low aspect ratio, spiral-wound VRLA battery for high power. Results show that these improvements result in a 2-9X increase in specific power over available VRLA batteries. The GO Battery challenges the VRLA status quo. In the hands of the right battery manufacturing partner, the patented GO Battery design may prove to be the bane of Li-ion.




Terrapure Environmental

LI Detector

Terrapure has developed a technology to detect and remove lithium-ion batteries—a significant equipment and safety risk—from the lead recycling stream. Called the Li-ion detector or LI Detector™, it uses high-frequency radio waves to detect lithium-ion batteries by scanning for their unique charging and protection circuitry. If detected, they can be easily removed by hand or automatically.” 



UK Power Tech

Connector Design

UK Powertech has designed a new connector system, comprising of a new style connector with better materials, which is able to be fitted and also removed with minimum time and effort, combined with better connector maintenance and operating procedures. Working with customers and conducting in house testing, UK Powertech have combined an easy push fit, more corrosion resistant connector design with working practices which will minimize the build-up of a high resistance layer on the connector head.



UNISEG Products

Battery Transport and Storage

UNISEG Products has designed and developed the Battery Transport & Storage (BTS) Container as a safer, more environmentally sustainable and efficient method to store and transport used lead acid batteries destined for recycling. The BTS Container addresses many of the short comings of the widely used wooden pallet.