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Test State Recycling Laws Page

In all 50 states, retailers can charge a battery core charge when purchasing a car battery. In over 30 states, it is required by law. View more detailed information below.

Deposits are flat fees, minimums or maximums. 

The Point of Sale column refers to whose responsibility it is to make the educational signs, the state or the retailer. A "No" indicates that there is no sign requirement.

Please click on each state's name to learn more information, including the definition of a lead acid battery in that state. 

 State Deposit Deposit Refund Period Point of Sale Sign Fee (Nonrefundable)
 Arizona  $15 cap   45 days  Retailer  N/A
 Arkansas  $10 cap  30 days  State  N/A
 California  N/A  N/A  No  N/A
 Colorado  See below   30 days  No  N/A


Definition:  A battery with a core of elemental lead and a capacity of six or more volts which is suitable for use in a vehicle or boat.

AZ requires all lead batteries sold to be labeled with a universally accepted recycling symbol. AZ also requires that State agencies and political subdivisions comply with the battery recycling law.


Definition: A battery with a core of elemental lead and a capacity of six or more volts.


Definition: Any battery which is primarily composed of both lead and sulfuric acid, with a capacity of six volts or more, and which is used for any of the following purposes: 1) as a starting battery which is designed to deliver a high burst of energy necessary to crank an engine until it starts; 2) as a motive power battery which is designed to provide the sources of power for propulsion or operation; or 3) as a stationary standby battery which is designed to be used in systems where the battery acts as a source of emergency power, serving as a backup in case of failure or interruption in the flow of power from the primary source.


Definition: A battery that: a) consists of lead and sulfuric acid; b) is used as a power source; and c) is not intended as a power source for consumer products.

CO law prohibits land disposal of residentially generated lead-acid batteries, and directs persons to deliver used batteries to battery retailers or distributors engaged in lead-acid battery collection or recycling, secondary lead smelters, or recycling centers. Retailers that accept used lead-acid batteries may charge at least a$10 deposit, or more,on any lead-acid battery sale that is not accompanied by a used battery return. Waste haulers shall notify customers of the disposal prohibition and return options.